ECVIM-CA Volunteer and Election Committee

The ECVIM-CA Volunteer and Election Committee aims are to:

  • Seek willing and eligible members of the ECVIM-CA to stand for election to positions of responsibility in the College
  • Ensure the orderly running of College elections
  • Co-ordinate the dissemination of information to Diplomates regarding available commitee vacancies
  • Ensure that committees are balanced in terms of gender and country

The Committee members consist of:

    • Past-President (Chair)
    • Chairs of the Speciality Groups

Speciality Chairs are eleveted every three years.

Committee meetings and interaction:

The committee meet at the Executive Meetings in March and September each year and otherwise work remotely.

For more detailed information, please consult the Committee SOPs, available to Diplomates.

ECVIM-CA Volunteer and Election Committee 2019-20

Dr. P. Watson
September 2019
Cardiology Speciality Chair:
Dr. J. Dukes-McEwan
September 2018
Oncology Speciality Chair:
Dr. L. Blackwood
September 2016
Internal Medicine Speciality Chair:
Dr. R. Bell
September 2014

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