The ESCG has a very exciting year ahead

Dear colleagues and members, dear diplomates and residents with a special interest in gastroenterology!

Welcome to 2017, time is flying and an update on the ESCG is overdue.

The ESCG has a very exciting year ahead, with the 1. ESCG EuroGUT spring meeting taking place in May in Vienna. Our thanks go to Nicole Luckschander and Stefan Unterer for organising this amazing event! Already, I have a feeling that this is going to be a great success and from now-on will become a yearly event for all gastroenterologists to meet up in a nice location somewhere in Europe!

Additionally, our new ESCG website has been launched, and even though still under some construction,
check it out at

Here you will find general information about our society, as well as specifics about important congresses and other upcoming events and information on how to register/renew your membership.

Also, we are excited to announce to also have a facebook page:

and we will be very grateful for you to like and comment on our page, whether you are a ESCG member or not.

The ESCG stream of the 26th ECVIM-CA congress in Gotenborg was a great success, and we are hoping to keep that going with that tradition in 2017. We are greatly looking forward to welcoming all our speakers, members and interested colleagues in Malta.

To all veterinarians and veterinary professionals with a strong interest in small animal and comparative gastroenterology, I can only warmly invite you to become a member of the ESCG, as it will give you loads of great contacts and benefits:

  • Network with world experts in canine and feline gastroenterology (you do not have to be a diplomate to be a member of the ESCG!).
  • Get discounted entry to the ECVIM annual congress.
  • Get the opportunity to participate at the ESCG EuroGUT spring meetings, for even more networking opportunities and the chance to listen to cutting edge, unpublished research in this interesting field.
  • Get access to an online forum to discuss challenging GI cases from your everyday practice. (still work in progress)
  • Be part of the AGM at the ECVIM congress and understand how the societies work and what you can offer to improve the ESCG.
  • Advance research and knowledge in the veterinary medicine with a focus on gastroenterology.
  • Keep up to date with new publications in veterinary and human gastroenterology.

Please contact us via our website or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any queries regarding the society or if you would like become a member/renew your membership.

All the best,

Silke Salavati (current president of the ESCG) & Floris Droes (Treasurer and secretary of the ESCG)

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