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Dear Fellow Diplomates

I make no apologies for sending my first Presidential Blog to all of you by email as well as putting it on the ECVIM Website. I realize we all get too many emails and have no wish for ECVIM to add to this burden – so I won’t do this again. However, I was keen to make you all aware of a new development to allow you to interact as much or as little as you like with the Forums on the website, and this was the most effective way to do that.

More details on this in a moment. Firstly, I wanted to say how honoured I am to become President of the College which has meant so much to me ever since I passed the diploma with sweat and tears all those years ago. The friends I made across Europe and beyond while going through that traumatic experience and since then I count amongst my best friends – even if we only meet once or twice a year, you all feel like family. My ongoing practical involvement through training of residents and helping with examinations remains a central part of my life. I am still basking in the post-congress glow after what was a truly successful, inspiring and enjoyable conference in Malta. The beach party was a highlight and an apt, albeit novel, place to give out the diplomas to our newest members – ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Welcome’ to all our new Diploma Holders in Medicine, Oncology and Cardiology. It was also encouraging to see how many people engaged with discussions at the Diplomates meeting at congress on aspects of the on-line questionnaire. I am working with an excellent, hard-working team on the Board and all the ECVIM committees but we need the help of the members to further the needs of the college. The key this year is to encourage everyone to get as involved as possible in shaping our future. Think about volunteering to join a committee, and join in the discussions on-line.

Interesting changes are afoot (and I don’t mean ‘Brexit’!) and we need your help. We are discussing the required learning outcomes for the residency programmes including the dearth of diagnostic imagers in referral practices and the implications for our own resident training. We are re-evaluating our reaccreditation and moving our examination towards an on-line format, starting with a computer based General Examination in 2018. Please tell us what you think about all these changes and what you would like to see your College do in the future. You can email me or any of the chairs of the subject committees. You can also take part in the forum.

So, here is the bit about you taking part.

Carmel posted a forum topic on the website 2 weeks ago and so far no-one has replied. This is all about re-credentialing so I am sure we all have views! However, most of use may not realize it is there. We have set up a function which allows you to subscribe to the forum so that you get an email when a topic is posted. Log into the website and on to the general forum which is here (once you have logged in):

And tick the subscribe button.

You will then be notified about new topics which are posted as a prompt to reply. If you wish to stop receiving the emails, you can unsubscribe again just as easily.

We hope this will increase your interaction with the college at times other than the congress! We are also working on making the web site easier to navigate and more user-friendly.

Remember, this is your college and is here to support you and the specialists of the future so engage with us as much as you can!

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