The new Trade Mark (TM) of EBVS® has been registered (number 016440844) with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Therefore, the TM may be used by all EBVS®-recognised specialists, namely the certified, but not by the non-certified (‘non-practising’) diplomates. It is reminded that both certified and non-certified Diplomates may use the title ‘Diplomate’.

The recently approved specialist titles (Annex 5 of the 2017 EBVS P&P), and the ‘Regulations governing use of the EBVS® trade mark’ have been attached. Both must be followed strictly. Please note that, as per the ‘Regulations’, the mark EBVS® must be in capital letters and Times New Roman font, and the descriptive terms following it in font Calibri. The mark must always be used with the ® symbol, i.e. EBVS®. Please read click here to read more.

Please click here for the list of approved titles.



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