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For all information on examinations and credentials please read the ECVIM-CA Information Brochure.

Certifying Examination Internal Medicine:


Example MCQ Exam

pdf Example MCQ Certifying ExamExam

Example Essay Questions

pdf Essay Example 1                        pdf Essay Example 2                       pdf Essay Example 3  

pdf Essay Example 4                        pdf Essay Example 5                       pdf Essay Example 6

pdf Essay Example 7                        pdf Essay Example 8                       pdf Essay Example 9

pdf Essay Example 10

Example OCM

pdf OCM Example - Info Candidate                    

pdf OCM Example - Minimal Pathway

Link:   OCM Exam Video Demonstration

 Example Practical Exam

pdf Example Practical Exam                                 

pdf Example Practical Exam_Pictures


pdf Examples MCQ

pdf Examples SAQ

pdf Examples Angiography                      pdf Examples Pathology

pdf Examples ECG                                    pdf Examples ECHO


Certifying Examination Oncology:

 Please see the ECVIM-CA Information Brochure.




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