Exam Applications

Please read the ECVIM-CA Information Borchure for details on applicatios and credentials.

Submission date:

All application must be received by the secretariat at the latest on June 15, 2019 for the examinations in 2020. Applications and re-applications received after that date will not be considered!

Exam Fees:

The Executive Committee recently proposed an increase in examination fees, in order to ensure that examination fees will cover the direct cost of the examinations. This increase was approved by Diplomate vote and will be implemented for the 2020 examinations. Indirect costs relating to the examinations will continue to be subsidised by the Diplomates. The new fees are:

Fee for Certifying Examination: €1,200 (from €400) due on January 15, 2020!

Fee for General Examination: €700 (from €250) due on January 15, 2020!

Because of the increase in exam fees this year the ECVIM-CA Board have agreed to an extension to the payment period for the General Exam fee as detailed above. It is recognised that many training centres/employers provide financial support for the examination fees for candidates they employ, and the Board encourages this practice. However, some Residents will have to pay their own examination fees and we are sympathetic to the difficulties this could cause at such short notice.

Application Forms

Please find additional forms in the "Residency Forms" section of the ECVIM-CA homepage

 Example Case Log

 Example Case Log

This example case log is intended to serve only as a guide to residents on how to prepare a case log. It may be suitable for some and not for others. More information on case logs may be found in the "Information Brochure"

download this pdf file Example_of_ECVIM_caselog.xls

Example Case Summaries

The purpose of the case reports is to demonstrate the candidate's ability to use medical principles in the diagnosis and treatment and management of animal disease, and to communicate medical observations and data to his/her colleagues in a clear and organized manner. These are just straightforward examples of such a case report. They are meant to serve only as a guide for those who wish to use it. They are by no means the only way in which case reports may be presented. More information on case reports may be found in the "Information Brochure"

Please click here for guidelines for preparation of case summaries 

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