ECVIM-CA Clinical Studies Fund

In keeping with the goals of the ECVIM-CA and the generosity of our sponsors, we have created a Clinical Studies Fund, whose aim is to encourage research and other contributions to knowledge relating to the pathogenesis, diagnosis, therapy, prevention, and control of diseases directly or indirectly affecting the internal organs of companion animals in Europe.

Purina Institute Resident Research Awards

The European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Companion Animals (ECVIM-CA) and the Purina Institute: Supporting the thought leaders of tomorrow.

The Purina Institute is proud to be partnered with ECVIM-CA, to work towards our mutual goal of facilitating knowledge exchange, promoting collaboration and sharing nutritional breakthroughs. We believe science is more powerful when it is shared, and by offering annual research grants to Veterinary Residents, the Purina Institute is assisting in the discovery and advances of scientific research in veterinary care. This partnership is a meaningful way for the Purina Institute to show its continuing commitment to global research and education for the thought leaders of the future.

The awards are designed to help ECVIM-CA residents to perform research by providing funding and mentoring support by research-scientist mentors.

The total amount awarded annually is 40,000 € in 2021. The maximum amount awarded per project will be 10,000 €.

  • Deadline for receipt of applications- 17:00 GMT on 22nd October 2021
  • Announcement of successful awards (via email to Principal Investigators)- 17:00 GMT on 4th February 2022

To learn more about the Purina Institute, please visit:

Goals of The Purina Institute in supporting ECVIM-CA Resident Research

This partnership with ECVIM-CA is a meaningful way for the Purina Institute to show its continuing commitment to research and the thought leaders of the future.

Serving as the global voice of Purina’s science and its more than 500 scientists and pet care experts, the Purina Institute aims to connect the most innovative minds in pet health by facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration with veterinary and scientific thought leaders around the world. The creation of this awards program is yet another step the Purina Institute is taking in support of this goal.

As a champion of nutrition, the Purina Institute will share the company’s latest scientific breakthroughs and will provide objective, fact-based information sourced from the wider scientific community on current trending topics across pet and human nutrition with the goal of putting nutrition at the forefront of pet health discussions.

Previous Grant Awardees

The European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Companion Animals (ECVIM-CA) and the Purina Institute are pleased to announce the names of the residents whose research has been awarded the Purina Institute Resident Research Grants.

2020 Grant Awardees:

  • Chalfon et al
  • Corsini et al
  • Del Baldo et al
  • Duclos et al
  • Thalmeier et al

ECVIM-CA Established Investigator Award

The Established Investigator Award (EIA) aims to support veterinary research in small animal internal medicine, oncology and cardiology.

The Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator for each project must be a Diplomate of the ECVIM-CA or ACVIM. If the latter, at least one member of the project team needs to be a Diplomate of the ECVIM and based in Europe (including the U.K.). Only clinical projects that do not involve invasive or harmful procedures will be considered.

An expert panel will review all proposals according to a common list of objective criteria (see Assessment Guidelines for Reviewers below). Funding will be granted solely on scientific merit.

The total amount awarded annually is 30,000 € in 2021, which may be split between grant applicants.

  • Deadline for applications: 17:00 GMT on 23rd July 2021
  • Notification of Funding Decisions: 27th August 2021. 

Applications should be submitted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and will then be forwarded to members of the Clinical Studies Fund Committee for evaluation.

IMPORTANT: If you have recently submitted a grant proposal but have not received a reply, please can you RESUBMIT to the above e-mail address.

 Assessment Guidelines for Reviewers

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