ECVIM-CA Board and Executive Committee

The ECVIM-CA Board consists of the Officers, who are elected by Diplomates at the annual AGM (held during the ECVIM-CA Congress in September). The Board consists of:

    • President
    • President-Elect
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Member at large
    • Past President

The term of office for President-Elect, President and Past President is two years. The President may not be re-elected in the same office. Usually, the President-Elect succeeds the President but if any objections are received in advance of the AGM or he/she is unable to stand, there will be an election by secret ballot.

For the other Board positions, the term of office is three years with the possibility to be elected to only one additional term of up to 3 years.

The Executive Committee is slightly expanded to include a representative of the Congress Committee and the Chairperson of the three Specialty Groups.

The Executive Committee consider the overall business and policies of the College. Work regarding examinations, residencies and re-evaluating Diplomate status is managed by specific sub-committees. This committee would consider any charges against a Diplomate for contravening the Constitution or Bylaws of the College and act accordingly. This committee may appoint standing committees, determine fees and the location of meetings. It shall direct the use of the College funds.

Current ECVIM-CA Executive Committee 

Start date listed on the right

Dr. O. Dossin
September 2019
Dr. R.Lobetti
September 2019
Past President:
Dr. P. Watson
September 2019
Dr. C. Stengel
January 2019
Dr. D. Batchelor
September 2019
Board Member:
Dr. R. Shiel
September 2019
Cardiology Speciality Chair:
Dr. J. Dukes-McEwan
September 2018
Oncology Speciality Chair:
Dr. L. Blackwood
September 2016
Internal Medicine Speciality Chair:
Dr. R. Bell
September 2014
ECVIM-CA Congress Committee:
Dr. N. Luckschander-Zeller

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