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The primary objectives of the ECVIM-CA are to advance companion animal internal medicine and increase the competence of those who practice it, by:

(1) establishing requirements for post-graduate education and experience prerequisite for becoming a specialist in Veterinary Internal Medicine - Companion Animals,

(2) developing post-graduate teaching programs/residencies in small animal internal medicine,

(3) examining and certifying veterinarians as specialists (diplomates) in companion animal internal medicine,

(4) encouraging original research in pathogenesis, diagnosis, therapy, and prevention of internal diseases in companion animals, and promoting communication and dissemination of this knowledge,

(5) promoting state-of-the-art continuing education programs in companion animal internal medicine for the veterinary profession.

Through these objectives the College wants to raise the standards of companion animal internal medicine in Europe and establish an internationally recognised specialist title. Universal recognition as a specialist is especially important now there is free movement of veterinarians between the member states of the European Union.

The specialist (diplomate) in Veterinary Internal Medicine - Companion Animals will be functioning in a referral practice or in an academic setting. The main part of their time will be devoted to the speciality.

ECVIM-CA News...

We would like to congratulate and welcome our new Diplomates 2017:

Cardiology: Elizabeth Bode, Marc Dirven, Antonia Mavropoulou, Geoff Nicolson, Nicola Wiedemann

Internal Medicine: Jessica Adamany, Sabela Atencia, Fanny Bernardin, Alexa Brown, Morgane Cannone-Guibert, Jennifer Cartwright (Sinclair), Julien Dahan, Charlotte Dye, Filippo Ferri, Hille Fieten, Maud Girod, Alison Hall, Katarina Hazuchova, Andrea Holmes, Alenka Hrovat Vernik, Scott Kilpatrick, Alexis Lecoindre, Joanne McLean, Rodolfo Oliveira Leal, Geert Paes, Hanna Dorothee Plickert, Anna-Lena Proksch, Victoria Smith, Chantal Teixeira Rosa, Helen Titmarsh, Marieke Van der Kooij, Annelies Willems

Oncology: Isabel Amores-Fuster, Spela Bavcar, Irina Gramer, Aaron Harper, Franziska Hergt, Michael Macfarlane, David Sayag, Ondrej Skor, Elisabetta Treggiari, Sara Verganti

ECVIM-CA Examinations 2018

The ECVIM-CA Examinations 2018 will be held from 17th to  19th March 2018 in Giessen, Germany.

ECVIM-CA Congress 2018

It is our pleasure to announce the 28th Annual ECVIM-CA Congress will take place from 6 - 8 September 2018, De Doelen, Rotterdam - The Netherlands





Dr Penny Watson
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Executive Secretary:

Dr Remo Lobetti
Bryanston Veterinary Hospital
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